Hotel  Bellman’s Carts and Luggage Carriers

Satin Aluminum Wall Mounted Ashtrays

Wall Mounting Ashtray - Small - Compact - Satin Aluminum - Ashtray Sand Top

Wall  Ashtray with Sand Urn Top
$60.00  $54.95

Grill Top Wall Ashtray - Satin Aluminum

Wall Ashtray with Grill Top
$80.00  $69.95

Funnel Top Wall Mounted Ashtray - Smoking Urn

Wall  Ashtray with Funnel Top
$65.00  $59.95

Extra Long, Slim, Wall Cigarette Butt Receptacle with Funnel Top

Wall  Ashtray Extra Long  Funnel Top
$120  $99.95

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