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Spike Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Spike Cigarette Butt Receptacle

ITEM # SWX2570-88

$160  $120.00

This slim and attractive pyramid shaped cigarette butt receptacle is the perfect low-key way to collect and conceal cigarette butts. Round opening at top make depositing cigarettes easy, while restricting air into the unit for quick smothering of lit materials.  Rounded, covered top keeps rain and snow out. Made of heavy duty, injection-molded plastic with a steel base to provide added stability.  Galvanized steel canister inside unit holds thousands of cigarette butts and can be easily removed for effortless emptying. Available in Black, Tan, or Brown. FM Approved for fire safety.

Measurements:   40” T  x  12” W  x  12” D

Domed Top for Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Domed Top

Metal Cigarette Butt Container

Metal Container

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