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Sidewalk Post Outside Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Sidewalk Post Outside Cigarette Butt Receptacle Sidewalk Post Outdoor Ashtray

Part # SWX9W30

$200  $155.00

Weatherproof outside ashtray can stand up to harsh conditions and heavy use. Constructed with heavy duty plastic and a weighted base. Curved notch on top of unit keeps out rain and snow.  Two perfectly sized openings are big enough to let cigarette butts be easily placed into receptacle, while discouraging the placing of trash. Restricted air-flow design helps extinguish butts quickly. Stainless steel snuff plate near opening minimizes smoldering.  Weighted metal base provides added stability and features anchor holes to allow the unit to be secured to the ground.  Inner galvanized canister holds thousands of cigarettes butts and can be easily removed for effortless emptying.

Measurements:   42” H  x  14” D  x  14” W

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