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Trap Door Table Ashtrays (Fliptop)

Trap Door Stainless Steel Table Top Ashtray

Part # EKX63

Flip-Top Ashtray with Bridge

$66.00   $49.95

Professional grade metal table top ashtray.  Unique stainless steel trap door top drops cigarette embers and butts into a lower receptacle. Flip top removes for fast emptying of the ashtray.  Base of unit is made of black steel. Great for smokers of all kinds, and works with both cigarettes and cigars.  Optional cigarette holding bar available below.

Measurements:     8” Diameter     4” High

Discounts:    4 or more -  5% off

  Ashtray With Cigarette Holding Bar


Stainless steel cigarette holding bar can hold up to three cigarettes in place over the ashtray so that any ash that falls will land in the ashtray.

4 or more  -  5% off 

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