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Wall Mounting Ashtray / Trash Receptacle

Wall Mounted Ash Trash Combo Receptacle with Funnel Top - Satin Aluminum F812 SA

Satin Aluminum
Part # GLRF812-SA

Ash and Trash Receptacles - Mirror Brass - Funnel Top - F812 MB Heavy Duty,

Brass Enamel
Part # GLRF812-MB

4 or More - 5% off
8 or More - 10% off

These commercial grade, wall mounting waste receptacles feature a funnel top that collects ashes and cigarette butts, while keeps larger trash items out.  Round waste opening on front encourages the disposing of litter. Available in weather resistant Satin Aluminum, Mirror Brass, and Mirror Chrome (not shown). This unit can be used inside or outdoors. Includes two separate removable liners for easy emptying of ashtray and waste. Mounting hardware included.

Measurements:  12” Tall  x  8” Wide  x  8” Deep

  Satin Aluminum  -  Part # GLRF812-SA

$150 $125.00


  Mirror Brass  -  Part # GLRF812-MB

$175 $135.00


  Mirror Chrome  -  Part # GLRF812-MC

$175 $135.00


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