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  Why are there so many options, and what do they all mean?

Each Bellman’s Cart consists of three parts. The Frame, the Deck, and the Wheels.

The frame is the metal bars that make up the sides and top bar of the cart. They are available in a variety of colors/finishes (Chrome, Bright Gold, Black, Stainless Steel & Bright Brass).

The Deck is the flat surface of the cart that bags and other items are placed on.  The carpeting for this deck is available in Almond, Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green and Red.  The deck also has a plastic bumper that wraps around the edge.  This bumper is available in Black or Gray.

The Wheels are attached to the bottom of the deck. Each cart comes with 4 wheels - 2 that swivel, and 2 that do not. There are a variety of wheels available.  The Standard Gray Wheels are available in either 5” or 8”.  The smaller wheels are more economical, while the larger wheels provide extra ground clearance for making it over bumps and curbs.  SoftRide Wheels provide a smoother ride than the standard wheels. Treaded Wheels provide superior grip and traction and are recommended if there will be significant outdoor use of the cart.

  Where can I find out more?

Information about Bellman and carts can be found on Wikipedia

Historical information about hotels can be found at the Choice Hotels History page.


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