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Laundry Hampers / Laundry Carts

Laundry Hamper

$160   $125.00
Laundry Hamper

Large Capacity Raised Laundry Hamper Cart

$150 - $195
Large Capacity Raised Hamper Cart

10 Bushel Large Laundry Cart

$510 $399.95
Laundry Cart (10 Bushel)

Elevated Wire Laundry Basket - wire basket cart Elevated Wire Laundry Cart with Hanging Bar

$149.00 - $189.00
Raised Laundry Carts

Wire Laundry Hamper Cart

$99.95 - $124.00
Wire Laundry Hamper Cart

Large Capacity Bushel Laundry Hampers

$180 - $320
Large Capacity Bushel Carts

Extra Large Capacity Laundry Cart (20 Bushel)

$570 $449.95
Laundry Cart (20 Bushel)

Stationary Laundry Hamper

$40  $29.95
Folding  Laundry Hamper

Angled Opening Wire Laundry Cart

Angled Opening  Wire Laundry Cart

Front Angled Loading Wire Laundry Hamper with Hanger Bar

Front Loading Wire Cart w/ Double Bar

Laundry Cart with 20 Bushel Bag

$500 $435.00
Laundry Cart (20 Bushel)

Large Laundry Hamper Carts

Large Laundry Haper Carts 

Wire Laundry Hamper Cart with Dual Pole Bar

Wire Cart With Hanging Bar

Collapsible Laundry Hamper Cart with Garment Rack Bar
Collapsible Laundry Cart

$175 - $199
Collapsible Laundry Cart

Ergonomic Wire Basket Laundry Elevated Wire Laundry Cart

$159.00 - $199.00
Extra-Tall Wire Laundry Cart

Single Hanging Bar Wire Laundry  Basket Cart

$180 $155.00
Wire Laundry Cart w/ Hanging Bar

Square Plastic Laundry Cart

$199 - $225
Square Plastic Laundry Cart

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Bellmans Carts

Bellman’s Carts



Waste Receptacles

Waste Receptacles

The perfect laundry solution.  These commercial grade laundry hampers the same ones used by hotels and dry cleaners around the country.  Made of heavy duty chrome plated steel, these units are extremely sturdy.  They easily fold open and closed for easy storage and transportation.  Wheels make moving laundry a breeze - and is a must for any building with an elevator.  Also perfect for use at the bottom of a laundry shoot.  Thick cotton bag can be removed and is available in White or Denim Blue, and with or without a partition for sorting clothes.

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